The responsibility of tradition...
Our high standards in quality reflect the German beer brewing culture. It encompasses the whole process from the selection of grain to pouring the beer into a glass, serving it to our valued customers. Naturally, brewing according to the German purity law from 1516 is a given and part of our daily conduct.

According to our quality-philosophy we only use grains selected from our region including the world's renowned hops from Tettnang. In our own laboratories we conduct most of the required quality analysis to ensure that only consistent and highest quality beer is dispatched to our customers.

Regular degustations together with our brew masters are an integral part of our quality philosophy. Our continuous annual awards are best proof that this close monitoring of quality is acknowledged and appreciated.

We are participating for over twenty years in the quality-competition of the German Agriculture Organization (Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft - DLG).

The award of the best in Gold ('Preis der Besten in Gold') is proof for our continuous and outstanding quality performance year after year. Whilst the DLG awards the analytical quality, the International Taste & Quality Institute in Brussels (iTQi) awards the taste of beers. Here, European chefs and sommeliers test the submitted beers and award stars.

The Zoller-Hof Hefe-Weizen received in 2011 the coveted Crystal Award after receiving three years in a row the highest distinction of ' Superior Taste Award'. An award that was given to only three breweries worldwide so far. Other assortments are successful too and Zoller-Hof continues to receive stars for the light and the dark Wheat beer (Weizen) and the Spezial-Export over the last three years.